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A detailed analysis of your electricity consumption over a 12-month period is used to determine the best size solar PV system to suit your needs. Based on this data a financial review is done giving the approx. payback period for the investment under consideration of various financial incentives and subsidies, where applicable.
If your utility company provides a tariff for embedded generators, i.e. feed-back of electricity is allowed, this will determine whether a larger system may be viable.
All these findings are presented to the client for review and consideration.
Once the decision to continue with the project is reached we will provide a detailed quote for the system - we only use reputable, proven technology and suppliers.
The engineering and design process follows industry best practices in close consultation with suppliers, engineering consultants (i.e. structural, AC-electrical reticulation) and the client.

Remote monitoring of systems.
Once a solar PV system has been installed it is linked to a remote monitoring system. This will normally be through a web-based graphical user interface and enables us to monitor the status of the installation on a real-time basis.
Over and above being able to see the performance of the system, we will also be alerted by email or SMS of a system fault or error and we can take action accordingly.

Maintenance and support for PV system installations.

Although a solar PV system does not have any moving parts (except where trackers are installed), a regular systems check of both the mechanical and electrical installation should be done. Exposure to the elements over the extended periods does lead to aging and deterioration of components. The earlier any defects or potential problem areas are detected the better.

We will do maintenance on a once-off basis or on exteded contracts.

Inspection of PV Systems

Independent technical inspection, system audits and performance verification of 3rd party systems for insurance or other purposes.

In association with the German Solar Energy Socitey (DGS - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie) we can perform system checks and verifications according to the German RAL standard - RAL Quality Assurance of Solar Plants (RAL GZ 966).

In-house audits and assessments. Qualified through NCPC (National Cleaner Production Centre), UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and EurEM (European Energy Manager).

The assessment process entails an analysis of energy consumption and production data as well as an inspection of energy systems on-site. A detailed report is provided laying out energy savings opportunities. The initial goal is to find no- and low-cost opportunities which are easily implemented. Opportunities with higher financial investments are listed as long-term options.

The general expectation for companies in South Africa is to be able to achieve around 10 to 15% energy savings with no- and low-cost opportunities!

We can tailor a training programme for any of your Energy Management, Energy Awareness, Solar System Design, Solar System Maintenance and other Energy training requirements.

Either directly or through our extensive network in the industry, we can cater to any group or organisation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

General consulting on energy and energy management system implementation (ISO 50001).

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We can source parts and components for all your solar PV and other energy requirements.
The connection of an embedded generator requires the approval of the utility company. We can negotiate these agreements on your behalf.
We offer presentations and/or panel discussions on renewable energy and energy efficiency at meetings or shows. Both within your company and to a wider audience.